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M2 Math Class


M2 Provide the best maths education is our credo.There are fourteen steps to helping children learn math. Hundreds of thousands of parents have chosen M2 as their children’s math learning materials.

Teachers guide children to build up their confidence in learning and achieve their own learning outcomes. M2 focuses on cultivating children’s ability to ask questions, guiding them to depict their question, assisting them to develop problem solving skills and guiding them to think in their own way.

Our children will face many unexpected and new challenges.  While we cannot predict all the situations they will encounter, what we can do for our children is to give them the ability to think outside the square.  This is also the core value and what M2 seeks to provide.




Shine Speech & Drama classes inspire confidence and imagination in kids, helping them to communicate effectively and build self-belief that helps them succeed in life. While having fun of course!

These exciting classes are tailor-made for building confidence, individual growth and learning. Kids learn to speak more confidently, communicate more effectively, improve their listening skills and use their imaginations. These skills and the confidence they give build their self-belief.



Mastering the art of written English is important in a world where communication is key. Whether you are writing a speech, creative prose, a story, a poem or a traditional essay, having the skills to express your thoughts well in English when writing is invaluable. Learning these skills as a child set she platform for effective written communication as an adult.

M&R writing class is offering lessons focussing on creative writing. In this class, each week we will work on extending vocabulary and knowledge of English construction and some grammar. We will also focus on producing a piece of creative writing on a theme or topic of the students choice.

The writing will be assessed and ways of improving may be suggested where appropriate. The focus will be on the students becoming familiar and confident in their ability write in whatever style they choose.

Enrol now and equip your child with the skills to successfully write in English.



Practice & Science experiment Science is a practical subject. Let children see, touch and do it together to explore the world and see how interesting it is. In the future, children will learn physics, chemistry and geography easily. We can also gain a whole set of scientific thinking and methods.




There are innumerable reasons for the arts to be included in an educational system, and just as many ways that involvement in the arts has been shown to help students in their personal, social, and academic development.  There is an abundance of sources that provide statistics in regards to these reasons based on reports of professional studies.




Chinese is now considered as an important language worldwide because of its increase in presence in the business world. Chinese are involved in many businesses throughout the world including Hollywood. So, if you want to increase opportunities in the business world, you must learn Chinese as a second language.


Learning their language would be the best way to open the doors to a lot of other business opportunities. Now you can learn Chinese in NZ with the best teachers. Mandarin classes are conducted here in order to enhance the language skills of our students.

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